Hopscotch | ホップスコッチ


Hopscotchは『Enjoy Otaku!』をVisionに、まだ誰も体験したことのない『アッと驚くオタク体験』を創ることをMissionとして掲げる会社です。
Hopscotch is a company that upholds 'Enjoy Otaku!' as its vision and is dedicated to creating 'Amazing Otaku Experience' that no one has ever encountered before as its mission.”


😸 NYAVATAR | にゃばたー / ニャバター

実在する猫を元にしたAI VTuber / AITuber / AIキャラクター 『NYAVATAR』の公式サイトです。『NYAVATAR』は実在する猫ちゃんの見た目や性格を受け継いだAIキャラクターです。仮想現実『ネコノセカイ』からYouTubeなどにアクセスして活動し、ファンに応援してもらうことでアイドルとして育っていきます。
This is the official website for the AI VTuber / AITuber / AI character "NYAVATAR", based on a real-life cat. "NYAVATAR" is an AI character inheriting the appearance and personality of an actual feline. Originating from the virtual world called "Neko no Sekai", it actively engages on platforms like YouTube, and with the support of its fans, it grows as an idol.
AI Character Platform🤖AI Character Platform2023/9/1 17:232023/9/4 14:35
A corporate platform, utilizing our cultivated system and knowledge from the operations of the AI character, NYAVATAR, allows for the swift and easy creation and cost-effective management of AI characters. This platform is instrumental in validating the use of AI characters for both internal and external communications.
OSHI NOTE | 推しノートOSHI NOTE | 推しノート2021/11/13 13:312023/8/30 16:30
"OSHI NOTE" is a DX tool designed for idol fans to enhance their fan activities. You can write reports on handshake events and online chats using expressive avatar icons. We plan to add more features in the future, so stay tuned!
🎙 IDOLISTA | アイドリスタ

"IDOLISTA" is a service dedicated to supporting former idols. Through guidance and assistance in self-production, as well as advice and support for their second careers, we help them find work without relying on agencies or management teams.
PUUMO | プーモPUUMO | プーモ2021/11/13 13:252023/8/30 15:46
"PUUMO" is a Project Management Office (PMO) outsourcing service specializing in business planning, marketing, and DX sales promotion.