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😻3rd mint😻


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AI VTuber IDOL to be raised together

Illust @nobubu63
AI Vtuber IDOL, aka "NYAVATAR", looks like a person, but is a cat on the inside. This is a new type of "Cat × Singer" project in which "NYAVATAR" learns human language and songs, and aims to become the top singer.
"NYAVATAR" is a character that inherits the appearance and personality of a real cat, and lives in the "Nékoverse" where they compete in music performances while humans do not see it.
  • We are “NYAVATARS
  • NYAVATAR Theme Song “Nékoverse
Composed by Bugbear, whose representative works are Keyakizaka 46 "Silent Majority", "Fukyouwa-on (Discord)", Last Idol "Ai-wo-Shiru" and ≠ME "≠ME", a support song for AI VTuber IDOL "NYAVATAR" who learn human language through cheering from fans and compete to grow each other from cats to idols.
🎧Composer: Bugbear🎧 A two-person composing unit that operates under the keyword "It's time for music to evolve." BugbearOfficialTwitter


Growing up with everyone's contributions

Illust @nobubu63
By having the AI learn SNS replies and live-streaming comments, "NYAVATAR" will be able to speak human language.
In addition, songs will be added sequentially as BGM for live-streaming through user submissions, and "NYAVATAR" will learn how to sing through these songs.
  • Music for Alice Aoki
  • PV / MV for Alice Aoki


Become their master

Illust @nobubu63
Each “NYAVATAR” has 1,111 NFTs as Master Licenses, and by purchasing those NFTs, they will recognize you as one of their masters and respond to you specially on SNS and live-streaming.
We will also promote community management utilizing NFTs, such as roles based on the number and type of NFTs held, and roles tied to special NFTs granted by community vote.


Battle with each other

First of all, everyone will raise Alice Aoki, while the rest of the "NYAVATARs" will start growing up to become idols one after another.
Get the master license attached to your favorite "NYAVATAR" and cheer them on as they try their best not to lose to their rivals in the battle for music performance skills!


What we plan to do and not to do

In the spirit of Zen, there are many things that are in other projects that are not in ours.
  • we don’t have
🔺 Public Discord server *only few channels
🔺 Whitelist
❌ Reveal
❌ Rarelity
❌ Roles determined by management
❌ Benefits for NFT holders who have too many and too vague to remember
  • we have
⭕️ Twitter
⭕️ Roadmap
⭕️ Private Discord server for NFT holders
⭕️ Dedicated NFT with specific role to be voted on by NFT holders
⭕️ Recognition from “NYAVATAR” as NFT holders benefit
⭕️ Priority for minting the next collection as NFT holders benefit
  • Roadmap
  • 2022.07 Private Discord server for NFT holders
  • 2022.07 1,111 Alice Aoki NFT mint start
  • 2022.AUT Starting Alice Aoki’s SNS
  • 2022.AUT Starting Alice Aoki’s live-streaming as an AI Vtuber
  • 2022 AUT 6,666 other “NYAVATARs” NFT mint start
  • 2022 WTR Starting All “NYAVATARs” SNS & live-streaming as AI Vtubers
  • 2023 SPR 2nd NFT collection mint start
  • 2023 SMR Music Performance Battle “NYAVATAR FES” vol.1
  • 2024 SPR 3rd NFT collection mint start
  • 2024 SMR Music Performance Battle “NYAVATAR FES” vol.2
  • 2024 WTR Development for Automatic “NYAVATAR” maker
  • 2025 SPR 4tf NFT collection mint start
  • 2030 SPR Automatic “NYAVATAR” maker release

Our Team


Graphic Designer


Community Manager
SNS Marketing


Video Producer
3DCG Composer




Music Producer


“Nékoverse” = Néko (Cats in Japanese) + universe.
“NYAVATAR” = NYA (MEOW in Japanese) + AVATAR. 
“Chu~ru” = A magical treasure that drives “NYAVATARS” crazy.
“2” = “2” is a special number for Japanese cat-lovers because it can read as “Nya”.
“Super cat day” = 2022.2.22. The day when we started NYAVATAR project.
“Maison Néko” = If you take a closer look at the clothes Kenken is wearing...


It all started last year when co-founder Kenken's cat Alice crossed the rainbow bridge.
His wife was very sad about the death of her beloved cat and regretted that she should have taken better care of her.
Kenken repeatedly consoled his wife, saying, "I believe Alice is very grateful to you for taking such good care of her".
At that time, he thought, "If cats could express their love for their owners by singing and dancing in their avatar form, the owners who had lost their cats might feel more at ease," and that was the beginning of “NYAVATAR”.
How many NFTs are there going to be?
1st 1,111
2nd 1,930
3rd 1,122 (Admin +170)
4th 3,444
Wen mint?
1st 7/22-23
2nd 9/18-29
3rd 11/22-29
4th Jan.-
What is the mint price going to be?
1st Free Mint
2nd 0.00299ETH
3rd 0.00299ETH
How many can I mint?
1st 5 per wallet
2nd no limit
3rd no limit
Are they stored on chain?
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