Model cat

Suzu Kuromiya

Cat breed

  • Japanese cat (black cat)


  • body color
Typical black cat
  • hair pattern
You have to look closely to see it, but there are white hairs in places
  • hair length
Short, smooth hair with extremely low shedding
  • eyes color
Beautiful gold. People say she has big eyes.
  • body size
She weighs less than 3 kg, eats only one meal a day, and the rest is a small bag of snacks. She is not attached to food and is satisfied just by smelling human food.


  • obedient
Like an obedient dog, always looking towards the owner, except when she's sleepy
  • smart
Can activate toys with 3 second long press power, won't do it if told no, can develop independent play, can do bath duty / rice is cooked
  • high curiosity
Always in a box and a bag, not willing to go overboard on size, tried to eat the food bugs of the lizards, open drawers and take out all the contents, flower arrangement on her own
  • active
She wakes up early in the morning at 3:30~4:00 and later runs around the second floor/first floor at full speed....she also likes to play with toys during the daytime, although it is unclear what triggers her to suddenly start running and chasing
  • lonely
She has separation anxiety, doesn't like to be left alone, so she can't stay the night, and she doesn't want to be without her favorite second brother, so she wanders around in the evenings looking for him...


  • look into my eyes and meow
Looks me in the eye and meow "only" when requested (tiny voice)
  • waiting for me out of the toilet
Waiting to come out, or rather, coming into the toilet (enter together when you enter)
  • head butt
Head butting at a level that prevents you from walking, or rather, from being able to walk
  • crazy about cardboard boxes
She can fit one piece of cardboard of any size. If she likes it, she'll lurk in it and surprise passing householders.
  • hardly ever meow
I've never had a cat that doesn't purr like this, she chirps when I spot a bird through the window