Model cat

Rei Amuro

Cat breed

  • Scottish fold


  • hair pattern
The pattern seems to be a little unusual for a girl!
  • hair length
Short hair that looks cold in winter, grooming looks easy
  • face shape
As she grows, she becomes more and more adorable round-faced cat
  • eyes shape
Cute, round, bright eyes
  • tail shape
She's had a long tail since she was a kitten, but as she's grown she's gotten even longer!


  • quiet
She's so quiet that the doctor at the veterinary clinic praised her as a good girl who doesn't get angry no matter what she does
  • sweet
She's grown up more than she was a kitten, and she rubs against me a lot, sometimes I kick her
  • cautious
She won't eat new food or treats half the time, she won't walk half the time with new carpet
  • cowardice
She's just scared, and maybe the veterinary clinic isn't quiet, just scared.
  • squeal frequently
She meows for me to come over and eat. When I go to see her, she starts eating.


  • rubbing
Rubbing on the owner's leg as I walk
  • trample
From kitten until now, she just fusses and fusses when she wants to sleep
  • head butt
When the rubbing gets too intense, she head-butts her owner's leg
  • look away when scolded
If she is caught misbehaving and her owner says “Hey!”, she immediately turns away and runs away
  • love kotatsu
She loves the kotatsu that's not warmed up and often gets into it. I wonder if she likes the dark? When I turn it on, she comes out