Model cat

Mugicha Oomura

Cat breed

  • Scottish fold


  • body color
Soft brown in color, hence the name "barley tea"
  • hair length
Her fur is very long and fluffy, and different parts of her body have different hair textures. Her chest and stomach hair are especially fine and soft, and some parts of her hair are curly
  • face shape
She has a short nose compared to other cats, which combined with her roundish face makes her look very baby-faced
  • eyes shape
She has a flared eye-like pattern on her face and a striped pattern on her forehead
  • body size
She is small compared to other cats (about less than 4 kg)


  • docile
No pranks when the owner is out of the house
  • quiet
She is rather slow to walk
  • gentle
She doesn't get angry at all when her owner messes with her
  • sweet
She's not usually that sticky, but after being away from people for a long time, like in the morning or at night, she can be quite sweet
  • cowardice
She is startled by the slightest noise and runs away


  • Trample
When she finds a soft cloth, she sucks it into her mouth and moofs around on it
  • Crazy about cardboard boxes
No matter how small the box, she tries to get in at least once
  • Dropping stuff off the edge
Anything on the edge of the table is dropped, whether it's a remote control or a pair of glasses
  • Interrupts when concentrating
When I'm working on an assignment, she meows and curls up on top of the assignment
  • Sit on plastic bags, flyers, towels
She loves vinyl anyway, and are more attracted to the sound of vinyl than to treats