Model cat

Mikan Sato

Cat breed

  • Japanese cat (Kijitora)


  • face shape
Very small face, who had the smallest face by far among her 6 siblings 🤭Small face makes her looks bigger!
  • eyes color
Her eyes used to be blue, but gradually changed to yellow! Now she has beautiful yellow eyes that are so clear and beautiful♡!
  • eyes shape
Big round eyes, and her eyes gets more round and big when she saw her favorites, food, and when I come home👀. Curly eyes and makes a pien face when she gets in trouble 🥺 An impish girl♡
  • body size
She is a tall girl with a long body 🤭 She tries her best to get her toys from high places, and she also misbehaves😂.
  • tail shape
She has a long, thin tail, sometimes too long and she even plays with it herself! When her tail is standing upright, she's really the cutest♡!


  • sweet
She gets mad when I leave the house, but when I come home, we have 20 minutes of petting time. She hates when she's not attached with me, and a part of her body is always touching me! She's a pampered girl who basically sleeps with me.
  • smart
I hide her toys but she searches around for them and finds all kinds of stuff! I can never hide it in the same place again 🫠 because she will find them immediately ...... lol
  • selfishness
She meows when she wants to play, no matter where I am or if I'm sleeping! When she wants to play while I'm sleeping, she jumps on my stomach with a little help! It really hurts lol!
  • cowardice
She basically looks at toys she's never met from a distance, won't go near them until I play with them! Freaks out at the slightest sound! Please get used to it lol
  • gourmand
She just loves white meat! I've been alternating between giving her dried bonito flakes, 600 yen and 300 yen, and she doesn't eat the cheaper ones as much anymore 🤭.


  • rubbing
She follows me around as soon as I get home and rubs her head on my leg! Sometimes I almost step on her 😂 She rubs her head all over my body!
  • suddenly find her beside me
While I was cooking, I suddenly saw her at my feet! When I startled and shouted, Mikan was also startled and ran away once, then sneaked back and startled both of us! We often repeat the same thing over and over again
  • look away when scolded
She usually comes to me when I call her name, but she looks away and ignores me, especially when I'm trying to remove the anti-clawing sheet
  • crazy about cardboard boxes
When she hears the intercom, she runs and goes near the front door. I always get a cardboard box (courier) and she runs for it 🫠 She makes a face like she’s going to cry when I collapse the cardboard box 🥲.
  • Sensitive to the sound of opening cans
She love canned food and notice it whether I close or open the door! Sensitive to the canned tuna which is for me.