Model cat

Halo Amuro

Cat breed

  • Scottish fold


  • body color
She's all cream-colored and looks just like a Pomeranian in the back
  • hair length
She has long hair that needs to be brushed and she always seems to have a hard time grooming it
  • eyes shape
Cute, round, bright eyes
  • body size
She's small, and she's very sprightly
  • tail shape
The tail is the fluffiest and softest of all


  • high curiosity
She loves new things and is curious about everything
  • active
She would run around the room and play with her toys until she fell asleep
  • strong-willed
She has not a shred of discretion with her sister cats, putting herself first.
  • selfishness
She gets treats, then sees her sister cat getting them and wants them again
  • gourmand
When she cries, it's usually for food. She's been asking for food for 2 hours


  • look into my eyes and meow
She'll look you in the eye and meow and come up to you when she has a point
  • Afraid of vacuum cleaners
She curls up in the hammock of her cage every morning to vacuum, and she's all grown up
  • Stare at one point in the room
She's suddenly staring at one spot where there's nothing there, and it's scary, so please don't do that
  • Sensitive to the sound of opening cans
She's too sensitive to the sound of canned food and rice, so she comes running right over
  • Meow when touched
She responds with a meow when you touch her a little bit where she walks