Model cat

Chako Watanabe

Cat breed

  • Japanese cat (Kijitora)


  • hair pattern
Dark brown pattern
  • face shape
Small face! Sleek, no extra flesh, looks like a kitten
  • eyes shape
Big, round, slightly hung eyes.
  • body size
Fairly small, slender, light weight, small appetite
  • hair length
He's grooming his belly so much that he's bald


  • sweet
She's a sweetheart who slurps and gurgles easily, gets on my feet when she goes into the bathroom, and often licks my face, but it hurts
  • active
She is quick and nimble in her movements, and when she plays with her toys, she moves very fast
  • strong-willed
She's quick to pick a fight with other domesticated cats
  • selfishness
She makes a move to sand down any food she doesn't like
  • cowardice
She's delectable to her owners, but when a stranger comes to the house, she runs away as fast as she can and hides behind the TV


  • trample
She often swipes at blankets and soft objects, even on her body if I am wearing fluffy clothes
  • head butt
The rubbing is too strong and head-butts me in the chin, ouch
  • bites me suddenly wen petting
She was in a good mood when I was petting her, then all of a sudden she bites me
  • Vomit often
She often throws up hairballs, hard because she throws up on papers and bedding
  • toilet high
After using the toilet, she either dash furiously or scrub their buttocks on the floor