Model cat

Alice Aoki

Cat breed

  • American shorthair


  • body color
    • 🐈
      Silver patched tabby, a very rare tri-colored coat color for American shorthair
  • body size
    • 🐈
      Small and very active
  • hair pattern
    • 🐈
      The stripes, the most distinctive feature of the American shorthair, are indistinct and not popular in pet stores
  • face hair color
    • 😸
      Because the hair on the top of his head was lighter in color, we sometimes call her Xavier or Xavi
  • face shape
    • 😸
      Slender and beautiful oval shape


  • active
    • 😹
      At the pet store, she was so energetic that the cats around her were very annoyed with her. She was basically a healthy girl, her poop and pee were very regular, and her bones were strong
  • high curiosity
    • 😼
      Always looking for an opening to escape from the front door or balcony, trying to get to know the outside world, boldly trying and failing to reach the unreachable
  • cautious
    • 😿
      She went wild at home, and when I took her to the park outside, she was so shaken she couldn't walk a step, she hid under a shelf all the time when we had visitors, she was not good at taking cabs or trains, she slept poorly, she was less violent at the veterinary clinic and more mature than other cats, she was not good at pet hotels, she ran around the house during an earthquake to escape at once, when I let her meet my dog she immediately cat punched him in the nose
  • sweet
    • 😽
      When I came home, she suddenly started sharpening her nails violently, and only when it was cold, she came into the bedding to spoil herself
  • gourmand
    • 😻
      When the owner comes home, she greets me and asks me to give her food. She likes bonito the most, followed by saury and chow churu, and only those who can tell who will give her food and who will not are woken up at 5 a.m. with a cat punch on the nose.


  • look away when scolded
    • 🙀
      She is good at pretending to be unaware when she jumps or fails at something, and starts walking, or pretending that she didn't fail at anything in particular.
  • crazy about cardboard boxes
    • 😻
      Whether you buy toys or pet food, the first priority is to get into the empty cardboard box. And suddenly, after a time, she always pees there.
  • sit deliberately in front of a computer or TV
    • 🐈
      She always start sitting in front of the monitor only when I have to concentrate quite a bit on the screen, like a teleconference or the final of a figure skating competition.
  • toilet high
    • 😼
      After pooping or peeing, always run full speed around the house for almost a minute, squeal, run full speed, squeal, and repeat several times
  • dutifully lick the glue off the envelope
    • 😽
      Most things would come off if I pulled them off, but the freshly opened mail envelope kept licking itself, no matter how hard I pulled it off, and would never come off.